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Pag-asa Townhomes has its best and unique features which are practical and functional. Topping the list of best features is the unmatched exclusivity and privacy of this small community. Because there are only 8 available units for occupancy, the usual disorder, chaos and noise are out of question. Each of the occupants will surely enjoy the silence of their individual abode due to a small number of occupancy. As a Pag-asa Townhouse resident, you’ll truly enjoy the comfort and privacy of the place with least or zero noise around. 

With a little space to monitor, security coverage has a much better attention towards each of the unit. The presence of well-trained security personnel on shift will surely give you a peace of mind knowing that you can leave your family to go to work safer than ever. Gated individual entrances and fully covered car parking are part of a much-improved security of Pag-asa Townhomes. 

And with our ever-changing climatic condition, Pag-asa Townhomes has been designed to withstand extremes. The thick walls of each house are sturdy enough to maintain room temperature when the temperature outside drops further low, which normally happens in the Philippines every quarter of the current year to the first quarter of the following year. The same walls can hold the room temperature a bit steady during summer when urban effect warms the metropolis quite badly. The well-planned drainage system is also in place to make sure that even during heaviest rainfall times, no excess water remains as they are easily drained and disposed of. 

Gladly, to allow residents to fully enjoy a modern and a more comforting life, all of the 8 units were pre-provisioned for a landline phone, a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera for security purposes, for an internet line (outsourced from any third party of your choice and for an intercom system. Anytime a resident wishes to have all these installed to their units, activating and installing them will never be a problem. With the pre-installed wirings and lines, everything is in order, ready to work. These existing, pre-provisioned lines are part of the generosity of Trans Phil Corporation to the residents of Pag-asa Townhomes. 

There is also a water heating system for all residential units. Each of the three (3) bathrooms may, therefore, enjoy the specific water temperature of their choice. In as far as conditioning is a concern, window type air conditioning systems are available in all of the rooms. Not to forget how beautifully furbished all toilet and bathrooms with tiles and other stuff. 

Another great feature of Pag-asa Townhomes is its elegant and spacious kitchen system. Countertops are well-provisioned, tiled and arranged such that it blends greatly with the best interior features of the house.

  • Kitchen System
  • Telephone Line
  • CCTV System
  • Intercom System
  • Air Conditionning
  • Garage
  • Water Heating
  • Internet Line
  • Parking Area
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